Bidcactus Legit – Is It The Real Deal?

30 Oct

In the virtual world where everything seems quite real, Bidcactus is the talk of this world. It is the latest,coolest entertainment auction site. This is where real things are happening and if you love to gamble, this is where you get to do it. You gamble with bids to win bidpacks or items out in the auction. Lots of money is changing hands; a few pennies at a time from various sources adding to the pool. It is kind of an online casino. Pay real money to buy unreal packages of bids, then you start bidding. The site is addictive and very difficult to step out of it as the chance factor and the challenge factor to outbid others takes hold of people. This is a great penny auction site to explore and win on.

Bidcautus is one auction site that has tried to follow the established rules and principles of legality by hiring an auditing team, Ernst & Young; one of the top accounting firms to audit their business and operation processes. Hence it is unique, as no other penny auction site gets an audit done by an independent third party. They have also been accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The BBB had listed 19 complaints about the functioning of Bidcactus of which 13 were resolved and 6 were administratively closed. They have an Alexa ranking of 64691. So it can be said that this is the real deal. Not just that, if you check the traffic and the auction activity, it actually matches very well. There are many who have bid on this penny auction site and won.

Bidcactus has been around for some time and there is plenty of activity going on. Since it is a penny auction site, people are drawn to it. The greater the number of people, the longer the bidding and it gets more and more exciting. If you are willing to shell out approximately 20 dollars for the lowest bid-pack, to have a thrilling, pulsating time, it is an awesome place to be. Along with experiencing several ups and downs, you have a chance to win something from the auction. You have entertaining auction time and the item if you are lucky. In the end it depends on the number of bids you make to win yourself; if you are able to outsmart others with speed and timing, you get a very good deal.


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