BidCactus Review

30 Oct

Being very honest about this site in this Bidcactus Review, there is a lot to share; some good and some not so good things about this penny auction site. In the first part of the review something positive will be highlighted, in the second something really negative followed by some recommendations. First, a few facts about this site. Bidcactus calls itself an entertainment auction site in which you can win a maximum of 3 items per bidder in a day. You buy bidpacks of 25 to 500 with each bid costing 0.75 cents. Every time you bid 0.75 cent is deducted from your bidpack. It is a penny auction site that means with every bid the price of the item rises by 0.01 cent, or for some items, the price rises by 0.10 cents.

This review of Bidcactus takes you through some revelations that there have been many people who keep going to the site. Some because they have won and want to continue taking the a chance; some who are addicted to gambling, who love the excitement and know that like most gambling, it must be your lucky day to win; quite a few to test the site and see whether it is a scam or not. Most of the winners have gotten gift cards, worth $50 or more, a few have won digital cameras, TVs, blenders… So there is a chance to win items at low prices, much lower than the retail price.

Looking at the down side of winning the bid on penny auction is that some of the winners are still awaiting the delivery of the goods, which are supposed to be delivered within a week by paying the additional shipping cost. Most have received the consignment and are happy with it. Bidcactus can try to be transparent to reveal, that they are making enough money through high rated bid-packs and equally high number of visitors, there should not be any such shady deals in the site. They could show their archives like other entertainment auction sites to rule out the suspicion. The recommendation is explore the site; bid, when the number of bidders are less, that is evening time and bid on small bids, instead of the biggest to increase the chance of winning and finally, since it is a blend of gambling and entertainment, it is okay to pay for having a thrilling day.


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