BidCactus – What Is It ?

30 Oct

BidCactus is wonderful online auction site. It is a site where entertainment and a bit of gambling merge and increase your pulse rate. You play and pay to bid on the penny auction items for the whole day and win some of the coolest stuff. So pick an auction from the variety of exciting items – all of them are new but there is no goofy stuff to bid on. This is one site where customers can vote for the items they want to get listed for auction. You can check on the home page for the popular commercial items for upcoming auctions as well. If you are looking for some real fun moments while you are alone, this is a great choice.

BidCactus is an online auction site like many in the market but with a difference. It is one site where you can win brand new items, the latest – as only new items get listed here. This is the trendiest of all the auction sites that have been launched recently and it is already one of the most popular. It is a unique platform for online bidding where there are no annual charges. It is a site where you have to acquire bid credits. There are bid packages that you can to buy ranging from $18.75 dollars to $375 dollars. Every bid opens with a cent or 10 cents depending on the item – hence it is a regular penny auction site.

How much does it cost? The BidCactus account is free. In order to bid on this penny auction, you have to buy bid credits that are available in bidpacks starting from 30 to 500. Bidding costs money; for every bid you have to pay 75 cents. Once you place a bid the amount is deducted from your bidpack and considered used and the auction price will increase by a penny for penny auction or by 10 cents.

In BidCactus all the auctions have a life span of about 4 hours. Each item has a countdown timer attached to it. It shows how much longer the auction will be open. When the clock nears zero each bid adds 20-30 seconds back to clock to allow bidders to respond. If you are the final highest bidder when the clock runs out, you win and the item is yours; but only the most recent bidder is displayed, not the highest bidder. Given a page full of timers, each updating once a second, the tension is pulsating. It is one entertaining penny auction.


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